Novel belle teal


In Halloween-party school night, little boss started to make criminal at Darryl and occur a small crowd in the party. Big boss was pleaded Belle Teal, Clarice, and Darryl and become angry to little boss for their deed. Before condition begin culminated, fortunately Belle teal ordered to leave the party by her grandma who was accompany her. Before that, they met Darryl’s parents and introduce each other. 

On Thursday, in her house.  Belle teal still remembered a Halloween party, then she went to Clarice’s house to talk about the party. Belle teal feel miserable about little boss and try talk to him on Monday morning, but he wasn’t come and next day she saw little boss with his splint and Belle teal become sad about little boss and she say sorry to him.

Family’s Belle teal make a fruitcakes to celebrate thanksgiving day before Christmas will come. All of students’s cooker greek elementary school begin to talk about Christmas day in the school.  In the cooker  greek elementary school have a Christmas program to all of student parents to celebrate that day in the school.


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