Summarizing of …

Summarizing of chapter 10, 11, 12.
Belle’s Teal Novel was created by An M. Martin

On the morning of October 17, Belle Teal imagined a halloween-school party that will come several days again, in fact she talk it towards Clarice and Darryl. But, may be Darryl can’t come to the party, therefore Belle Teal and Clarice convinced him to come to the party.

Caused little boss especially Vernon often derisive them, then Clarice directly speak to Vernon that they’ll fight him if he mocked Belle Teal, Darryl, and Clarice again. But, Vernon wasn’t recked of them even they’re called “THE NIGGERSLOVERS”. In other hand, Chas as a little boss agree if Belle Teal and Clarice be friend with Darryl but doesn’t belong in their school. After that incident, Belle Teal had been crying until she comeback her house. After that, she’s mad at Clarice almost until recess the next day. Darryl finally decided to come to the Halloween party but she talk to Belle Teal and Clarice that he’ll invite other colored kids, but little boss still not allow it, who has been sitting at the table directly behind Darryl at the cafeteria. Belle teal and Clarice starts think suitable  costume for Darry.

In the Halloween party, the parade held in afternoon and the party at night. So Belle teal ready her costume and ask her mama to accompany hers to the party. At the parade and party discrimination to colored kids happened particularly had been done by little boss.


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