Next morning, Belle Teal went to school like the days before. But that day, she surprised HRH or Vanessa  wearing a luxurious skirt-and-sweater-set, but belle teal wearing the same outfit that she had on yesterday. At school, belle teal seen little boss straightaway to warn him that she won’t be him friend anymore if he spit on Darryl again, but little boss wasn’t pay attention to hers. Before the class will begin, Belle teal imagined Miss Casey autobiography that she’ll read it, in front of the class. The third day school, discrimination still happened, in class HRH Vanessa gave a note to Miss Casey that  She want to change her desk not near from three colored kids, Darryl, Winnie, and Terrence. Next day, Belle teal went to school by bus school but at that day, Clarice was absent, and colored kids not with their parents again. At the school and break times to have lunch firstly belle teal talking with Darryl at the cafeteria, and she hope to Clarice know Darryl if she is recover. When Clarice finally returns to school, actually she still got ill. At the cafeteria, they’ve lunch with Darryl too. Suddenly,  Little boss knock into back of Darryl’s chair, so Darryl spill his milks. The end of that day belle teal and Clarice walk out together. they meet and say goodbye to colored kids. Before that they’re mocked by little boss about at the cafeteria. During students in Greek school Miss Casey always increased assignment to their.


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