In the class darryl who a Negro children said greeting to Miss. Casey and he stand in front of the class. then Mrs. Craig talks to Miss. Casey. In that conversation, Belle teal see Mrs. Craig eyes soften. May be, Darryl wasn’t rather accepted in that school, caused he colored boy

Meanwhile, Darryl just stand in front of the class from the back seats heard whispering and snickering to ridicule darryl. Then Miss. Casey stop it, next she showed him the empty desk. After that. She started first lesson about american history, and the others.

Mrs. Casey introduced new students, Darryl Craig and Vanessa Mathers to th class. She ask them introduce themselves one by one and vanessa the first one. Vanessa introduce herself with little french, cause she ever lived at francis and then Darryl secondly introduce himself. When Vanessa spoke, all students pay attention hers what she said. But Darryl notice him. caused he african – american children. only Miss. Casey ask him about his spare time.

The lunch time had came. The students went to the cefetaria. At there and in the playground, darryl was separated with other students, only Belle teal and Clarice become his partner.

Lunch time was finished. Then students cameback to each their class. And then Miss. Casey gave an assignment namely, they would wrote their autobiography. The last bell of the day was rang. The students return home with school bus but for colored students not allowed on the bus even white students spitted on negroc hildren. In Belle Teal’s house. Belle teal started her assignment and finished it when almost bedtime almost coming. After that she fall asleep behind her mother.


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