ringkasan novel belle teal .An M. Martin


Summarizing of chapter 1,2, and 3

Belle teal lived with her mother and grandma called gran. Gran is amazing, but little forgetful. She has vegetable garden, it’s pure delight. In the garden, there are bush bean, cucumber, carrots, and peas.

Belle teal’s journal is spread across her bare knees. There’s no room for her to concentrate on writing, caused her head is so stuffed full of birdsong, insect music, and thoughts about summer vacation. So, it’s disturb her.

Belle teal’s mother begin her new job in the coker greek’s motel, belle teal wished her mama was in the home for the last day of summer vacation.

Belle teal wonder how fit into her first-day-of-school-dress, and last day in june of school dress.also, she is thinking about the first day of fifth grade at coker greek elementary school, and she’s hope to meet miss casey,her teacher who wonderful and aromatic teacher for whole of education year.  Before that, she was planned to go to clarice’s house. Clarice is her close friend, since the beginning of kindergarten.

Start these year, in the coker greek elementary have been letting the negro children. Belle teal remembered her mama’s advice that she become nice to that boy. His name is Darryl.

Belle teal not expecting that her mama still waking until her bedtime when she comeback from Clarice’s house. She has been talking with her gran and And Adele or Mrs. Harper. Mama’s friend. Belle teal talks towards her mama about negro student in her school. And then mama said that “just keep in mind in mind that their their family doesn’t judge people b their appereance.

In the next morning, Belle teal ready to go her first day school. Before that. She having breakfast, then she’s prepare that she needed namely school equipment. Then, she go out to wait bus. After that. In the bus she sat in first row of seats. She meets with a girl that she has never seen before, her name is Bernette. Then, they’re introduce each other. On the buss Belle Teal met her other friends,like: Clarie, Vanessa, and the others. Also, they’re talking about their summer vacation. At the school, Belle teal feel embarassed. In classroom, she and clarie slide into two seats right in front of miss casey. At there, there’s little boss, their friend.  In classroom belle teal was groan that vanessa sitting down at next to her. She’s groan because vanessa is antagonist. They’re antagonistic each other. Class was started and the negro boy was introduced.




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