This paper attempts to make funny and enjoyable teaching and learning vocabulary by using animation video. The study recommended the necessity of using animation in teaching vocabulary. It also suggested that further researches should be conducted on the effect of animation on teaching pronunciation and writing. Vocabulary learning constitutes a basic and an important part of foreign language learning. Without vocabulary building, it is difficult to study grammar, speaking, listening, writing etc. However, it is not an easy task to memorize a large amount of vocabulary. It is relatively difficult to learn new words, to keep words in mind and to recall them when needed. With the help of innovative methods and materials that multimedia provides, language learning environments can be more colorful, motivating and at the same time more supportive for students in the learning process. It seems difficult to learn a new language with such a bulk of words just by looking up a word or a term in dictionaries. Therefore, introducing words using a new method is necessary. This new method uses an animation video to present the words.

Keywords: Vocabulary, media, animation video.


Clark and Clark (1977: 322) states that children talk about “here and now”. It means that children’s world involves around the here and now. They should not be asked to discuss abstract things or life and situation in the past or in the future. Junior high school students have certain characteristics which are different from teenagers or adults. That is why the teaching technique should be suitable with them. Teaching English to junior high school students is different from teaching English in higher level. Junior high school students are those still like playing.

Vocabulary learning constitutes a basic and an important part of foreign language learning. Without vocabulary building, it is difficult to study grammar, speaking, listening, writing etc. However, it is not an easy task to memorize a large amount of vocabulary. It is relatively difficult to learn new words, to keep words in mind and to recall them when needed.

Vocabulary is central to language and of critical importance to typical language learners. Without a sufficient vocabulary, one cannot communicate effectively or express their ideas in both oral and written forms. It means that students in junior high school have to mastery English vocabulary and its grammatical rules to make communicate to other people.

Learning vocabulary is very important and becomes a must for every learner to make his English work well. It shows that English has a special place in the teaching of the foreign language at school, especially junior high school. Based on the writer’s experience, it is not easy for my students to learn vocabulary. Most of them are not interested in learning vocabulary and they do not also give their full attention in the task and without that attracting and interesting the process of teaching vocabulary cannot run well. This situation happened because the methodology or the strategy which is used maybe not suitable. The teacher usually teaches vocabulary especially to reading comprehension by using the technique that focused in the text, read and then every word their memorization. The students feel that they are forced and they would get bored. In this case, and sometimes they still do not understand when their read a text, teacher should make variations and choose a suitable technique in teaching vocabulary in order to make the students to be interested. For that reason, the teacher ought to know their media in teaching process to make the lesson more interesting and inspiring. For this purpose, learning vocabulary by using the technique can be one alternative in teaching learning process.

To make the students to be inspired in studying English especially vocabularies, teacher should involve students and control the class. The teacher ought to use some Medias such as Animation videos and use some new words to help the students learn more and make the students fell interested to learn new vocabulary for junior high school.


  1. Vocabulary teaching in English as a foreign language

  1. Definition of vocabulary

Oxford dictionary (1991) defines vocabulary as” the body of words used in a particular language”. Merriam –Webster dictionary defines it as “a list or collection of words and phrases usually alphabetically arranged and explained or defined”. Cambridge dictionaries on line define vocabulary as” all the words which exist in a particular language or subject”. Hornby (1995: 331) asserts that vocabulary is “the total number of words of a language.”

In my opinion, vocabulary is as a group of words or phrases that form a sentences, paragraphs, and language.

  1. Types of Vocabulary

In teaching vocabulary, it is essential to distinguish between different types of vocabulary. Open University (1995:151-156) specifies the following types of vocabulary:

  1. ESP Vocabulary

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is concerned with the use of English in particular scopes whether they are academic or technical. It is best learned through the practice of a certain profession.

  1. Active and Passive Vocabulary

Active vocabulary is utilized in everyday speech. It is learned through day to day communication. Passive vocabulary is not used on daily basis. Foreign Language learners are expected to use the active vocabulary in speaking and writing. On the other hand, the passive vocabulary is essential for general comprehension when occurring in context.

  1. Content Words

Content words are lexical items that convey a certain meaning. Content words could be main verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc.

  1. Function Words

Function words are part of the grammatical system of a language. Structure or function words do not convey meaning. They serve the structure of the sentence and usually change nothing in its meaning. Function words are the words we use to make our sentences grammatically correct. Pronouns, determiners, and prepositions, and auxiliary verbs are examples of function words. If our function words are missing or used incorrectly, we are probably considered poor speakers of English, but our listener would probably still get the main idea of what we are saying. Since function words don’t give us the main information, we don’t usually want or need to do anything to give them added attention and the words remain unstressed.

Category Description Examples
auxiliary verbs verbs that support the main verbs am, are, has, could, should
prepositions words that tell relation to other words at, on, to, near
conjunctions words that tie clauses together and, so, but, however
determiners words that give detail to nouns a, an, the, some, any
pronouns words that replace nouns I, it, we, they, he, she
  1. Vocabulary Teaching.

Many ways can use by a teacher to teach vocabulary for students. Based on article “les inggris” (2011) stated that available alternative ways to teach vocabulary for students those are Give some words for our students, then ask them to search the meaning of it, pronunciation, and write down the sentence used the word. Then, they can teach it words for their friends in one group. After this process, Prepare worksheet, ask the students to pair the word with their definition. After it, ask the students to classification a group of word to the some category. Then, ask the students to search new vocabulary from the conversation that they read, and teach it vocabulary for our friends in the class. In this process, the students can make quotation about new vocabulary that they found in conversation or materials.

While, John J. Pikulski and Shane Templeton explain that to teach vocabulary of the students can do with the ways learn use dictionary, and thesauruses. Based on the some opinions above, we can conclude that teach vocabulary to students need some ways, because every students has the difference character.

  1. Definition of animation video

In Indonesian dictionary, Video is the technology of sending electronic signals from a moving image. A common application of the video signal is a television, but it can also be used in other applications in the fields of engineering, scientific, production and safety. The word comes from the Latin word video, I see”. The term is also used as an abbreviation of video from videotape, and also a video recorder and video player.

The word animate (verb) means to give life to, and animating is the process of moving something that cannot move itself. Animation is moving something which can’t move by itself, Collins English Dictionary (2006). According to Oxford Dictionary (1991) animation “is the techniques of photographing successive drawings or position of puppets or models to create of movement when the film is shown as a sequence.” According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, animation is “a way of making a movie by using a series of drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of objects (such as puppets or models) that are slightly different from one another and that when viewed quickly one after another create the appearance of movement”.

Animation video is collections of moving images in the form of objects (images) are arranged in irregular follow the movement that has been determined at each time increment count occurs. Picture or object that is referred to in the above definition can include images of human, animal, or in writing. In the manufacturing process animator or better known as the animator must use logical thinking to define the flow motion of an object from the initial state to the final state of the object. Careful planning in the formulation of flow motion by the proper logic will produce animations that interesting to watch.

  1. Some type techniques of teaching using video media.

One of the media that make learning becomes interesting and memorable is teaching through animation video. Technique video is an electronic device that involves television, tape and video recorders. There are eight types of instruction that can be used in teaching video techniques, namely:

  1. Cloze/listening comprehension.

In this type there are various activities undertaken. The students can be given some scripts that fit the story the narrator in the video with some words omitted. The task of the learner is to fill the empty places carefully. Alternatively, students may be asked to answer comprehension questions based on the video that was shown.

  1. Silent Viewing

Audio is closed and the teacher asks the students are just watching visuals on the TV screens. Students are left to guess what it says on the video that they watch. Maybe they will have difficulty in understanding speech in the video but at least they were able to tell the key words and phrases.

  1. Jigsaw Viewing

Each student is paired sit back to back with each other. One of them is facing the opposite partner Video’s screen facing the opposite direction. Children who do not see the video asked by children who saw the video. For example, who’s wearing green suit? Where does the video happen? And so on.

Students facing video should give an answer option, and students were able to answer correctly will win the prize.

  1. Jigsaw viewing with commentary.

Each students sit in pairs with each other behind their back. Teachers told that students are not facing video screens have to answer the questions based on the video sequence after the activity is complete. The winner is the couples that provide the most appropriate answer. Then, the teacher showed a video with closing audio, students facing screens to comment directly on what is shown in the video, and each their partner should give the questions to get more attention

  1. Video Treasure hunt

The video screen is reduced so that the color in the screen becomes dark and there was nothing to be seen. So there are only words, comments and impressions of sound can be heard, students are expected to explain the action, character, emotions, objects and so on that they think there is something that watched or aired.

  1. Prediction

This prediction may include all of what will be said before and what will be said next on the video sequence. Both of these activities require students to predict the prediction of video sequences that stopped suddenly to cause oral or written responses related to what happens beyond. Then, to find out the results of the response and subsequent discussions. Students will be shown the actual storyline of the video.

  1. Reverse Prediction

This activity is suitable for students who are good mastery of the language. In this activity, students are shown the end of a story that aired a short video. Students are asked to explain in oral and written how the beginning of the story of the end of the video that aired. Then the students presented their version of the story. Their version should contain all of the content of the video or the story from beginning until the end.

  1. Sequencing

Students are given a script written random video. Their job is to arrange the video script it becomes true. This activity is best suited for video that explains the plot of the processes and involves a narrator. Another way, teachers edit the video and mixing events in the video. Then the students discuss about how exactly good video sequence.


  1. Animation video for teaching and learning process

Using animation is an easy way to integrate computers into a foreign language classroom. Collin and Rayen affirms that (2009, p. 396) “The advent of the high–powered multimedia kept the learner close to authentic situations where learning simultaneously involved listening, seeing, reflecting, doing and participating”. Unlike the traditional method of teaching, employing animations in classrooms aids students in understanding since they appeal to both visual and audial memory.

2D animation video is the creation of moving pictures in a two-dimensional environment, such as through “traditional” cell animation or in computerized animation software. This is done by sequencing consecutive images, or “frames”, that simulate motion by each image showing the next in a gradual progression of steps. The eye can be “fooled” into perceiving motion when these consecutive images are shown at a rate of 24 frames per second or faster. 

3D animation is the creation of moving pictures in a three-dimensional digital environment. This is done by sequencing consecutive images, or “frames”, that simulate motion by each image showing the next in a gradual progression of steps, filmed by a virtual “camera” and then output to video by a rendering engine. The eye can be “fooled” into perceiving motion when these consecutive images are shown at a rate of 24 frames per second or faster.

Teaching and learning vocabulary for junior high school, we can use some techniques of teaching using video media, such as close-listening test, jigsaw viewing, video treasure hunt, etc. In this paper, prediction technique more emphasized to teach vocabulary using animation video because when students watching the video, they will be predict the vocabularies based on the animation video, it also make student to have more thinking about the vocabulary by watch animation video.

Teaching and learning vocabulary using 2D animation video which is produced by pumpkin.com, students will be provided three videos which are consist of different topic. First topic is family members, second is classroom object, and time of the day. First video as a stimulation or pre-teaching activity, then second and the third video as post teaching vocabulary, teacher plays the videos one by one. Then, students will write down the words or vocabulary in the videos. Students who were collected more many words and stated as the winner. At the end of lesson, teacher will re-explain the meaning of the words and teacher elaborate how to pronounce and how to make stression of the words in the animation video.

  1. Advantages of Using Animation video in Teaching

Animation is beneficial for Foreign Language learners; Agina (2003) cited the following advantages of animation as a tool of education and training:

  • Skill and ability Improvement; the interactive animation takes less time to teach students complex things and makes them enjoy more to learn difficult things. Using an interactive animation will solve the problem of the imagination-skill in education and training. Furthermore, computer animation improves the skills and abilities of instructors because they will be able to improve and change their way of teaching to be better.

  • Interactivity; interactivity is a mutual action between the learner, learning system, and learning material. Learners will be faster to learn, and have better attitudes toward learning when using interactive animation especially if the other techniques like audio and video are used.

  • Engagement; interactive learning with live-action animation, simulation, video, audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice, and questions and answers keep learners interested and reinforces skills. Through continual practice, learning is absorbed and integrated into daily performance.

  • Motivation; since the animation is inspired and interactive way for flexible education and training, learners will be more motivated to learn more and more. Learners will get more skills, which is the main reason to make them more motivated.

  1. Disadvantages of using animation video in teaching vocabulary

  • Distracts the learner to watch the cartoon repeatedly.

Watching animation to teach vocabulary have to consider students’ interest about the animation itself. Animation is funny, interesting video that stimulate students’ attention. It will be hard way to determine or know students attention of watch cartoon only or pay attention of learning materials from the animation video.

  • To make animation video, teachers should mastery of computer programs like mastery of macromedia flash as a tool to make animation, etc.


Learning media indeed have important role and needed to help in understanding the materials of the learners. One of the media use is audio-visual media namely animation video. Animation media for teaching and learning is very important and facilitate and also more efficient for teacher to explain and convey the information of learning materials.

Watching animation video encourages research which is using animation video in the students to have more exercises in teaching vocabulary to the basic level pronouncing words; the writer would like to propose improve their pronunciation by listen some suggestions as follows: to the language of native speakers and English teacher should be creative to imitating them. The students learn by use interesting media and technique in practicing the exercise given. The teaching vocabulary, so that the teaching-animation video pronounced word first learning process will not only learnable but then the teacher asked the students to also enjoyable. They should also create a good repeat it. It could be done repeatedly until atmosphere in teaching-learning process in the students were able to pronounce words order to make the students are motivated to correctly. Using animation video as a learning media, student learns and do not get bored even feel sleepy


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judulx “the Effectiveness of silent video viewing technique in students’ writing skill of eleventh grade at SMAN 1 Pringgabaya.

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 for all of you


In heart.

hatiSince the first time I met you, there was a beat in the hearts of even just a moment. when we know each other, it’s have been framed by the sweet memories. Although we couldn’t stay together but you’re shadow always decorate my days. and Although the distance separate us but the feeling of love still exist though in deep heart.

Canonical passivesa papukQu         minaq        tiperMy Grandma ACT.make a

  1. Canonical passives
    1. a papukQu         minaq        tiper

My Grandma ACT.make a plaited mat

“My Grandma make a plaited mat

  • Ø tiper               Ta pinaq     isiq papuqQu

A plaited PASSIVE-made by my grandma

“a plaited mat was made by my grandma”.

  • tiper                   ta pinaq        na

a plaited mat PASS-made  –  3SG

“A plaited mat was made by her”.

  1. Inaq           kelaq      nasik

“Mother ACT-Cook rice”

Mother Cook rice

  • Nasiq        ta kelaq        siq inak

Rice         PASS-cook     by mother

Rice was cooked by mother

  • Nasiq   ta kelaq             na

Rice       PASS – Cook – 3SG

“Rice was cooked by her”

  1. Nur                                                        dait         kepeng

Nur (SG=Second singular person) ACT-find money

“Nur  find money”

  • Kepeng ta dait            isiq Nur

Money  PASS-found      by Nur

“Money was found by Nur”

  • Kepeng     ta dait           na

Money PASS-found by her

“Money was found by her”

Conclusion è In my mother tongue (sasak language of Eastern lombok) canonical passives usually marked on the verb with te-prefixs and it is followed by isiq or siq (Isiq and siq are same in meaning, it is only distinguish in mentioning, I don’t know why they different, may be isiq used in formal and siq used in informal situation). These passive form can be postclitized with –na after verb. Postclitic –na is clearly said, it is sound like prefixs and pronoun on verb. however it’s not both of them. In central and western Lombok (Sasak) Postclitic –na unclearly called. For instance ta daitn (Found by her).

  1. Inverted Passives
    1. Amaq rari molong ‘tongkol’ ßtongkol ta polong isiq amaq rari (tuna fish was sliced by uncle).

Uncle ACT-slice tuna fish

“Tuna fish”, uncle sliced

  1. Tuan guru mecat songkok puteq na ß songkok puteq ta pecat siq tuan guru

Moeslim Leader detach white hat-3SG-Possesive Pronoun.

His white hat, moeslim leader detach.

  1. Ye nyedaq pager ino ß pager ino ta sedaq siq ye (those fence was broken by her)

3SG ACT-broke fence those-DEF

Those fence, she broken.



Conclusion è in my opinion inverted passive in sasak language marked with verb alteration, like molong become polong, mecat to pecat, nyedaq become sedaq, etc.

  1. Accidental passive
    1. Gerigik imangku                 keselit (read:kselit)          siq lawang

Adj. Pronoun-My Finger       PASS-Oppressed            by door

‘my finger was oppressed by door.

  1. Inangku        kesetrum    siq listrik

My mother PASS-Stang by eletric

‘my mother was stang by electric’.

  1. Bukungku kerentengan *(kemadeq’an) leq balen siti.

My book PASS-left at siti’s house

‘my book was letf at siti’s house.

*note : Kerentengan used in east lombok and kemadeq’an used in central and west Lombok.

Conclusion à after I analyzed these sentences, I found that Accidental Passives in Lombok language occur  with verb change and marked with ke- affix followed with adverb. The verb change are nyelit become keselit, setrum become kesetrum, but kerentangan is original word (there is no alteration). So, not all of the verb are changed on Accidental passives.

  1. Adversative Passive.
    1. Balen adi kemalingan malen (Accidental Passive).

Adi’s house PASS-stole Last night-adverb.

Adi’s House was stolen last night.




ü Leq balen Adi wah na kemalingan malen (Adversative passive)

Adv. Adi’s House PASS-Robbing at Adi’s House last night.

At Adi’s house Robbing was happened last night.

  1. Amaq ino *kecantolan siq anaqna

Father PASS-imitated by POSS-his son

“Father was imitated by his son”.

(*kecantolan means that an imitation of behaviour and characteristic, used to imagine someone who has bad habit).




ü Leq amaq ino wah na kecantolan siq anaqna (Adversative Passive)

PASS-imitated by his father those son.

In those father was imitated by his son.

è From two sentences I can conclude that adversative passive occur with add an adverb indicated with Leq and no change with the verb.









English Syntax



by :


Class A Reg. Sore








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teknik dasar nge-drumSebelum kita semua belajar pukulan dasar

teknik dasar nge-drum

Sebelum kita semua belajar pukulan dasar ,alangkah baiknya kita mengenal nama2 satu buah set drum atau bagian bagian dalam drum.

bass drum (bid)



crash cymbal

ride cymbal

rack tom-tom

middle tom-tom

floor tom-tom

 jadi loe dah tw kan mana yang namanya  bass drum(bid), snare, hi-hat, cymbal yang rade atau crash,dan tom, dari yang rack, middle, floor.
tadikan sudah gua jelasin nama-nama komponen yang ada di drum,
sekarang kita masuk ke teknik pegangan stick (grip)
 memengang stick ada 2 cara yaitu :

tradisional grip 

cara yang pertama adalah  traisional grip  dimana stick dijepitkan di ibu jari dan ditaruh diantara jari tengah dan jari manis. Ibu jari yang berperan untuk mendorong stick. Sedangkan untuk tangan kanan cara memegangnya tidak ada perbedaan, seperti matched grip saja Traditional grip memang lebih sulit untuk dilakukan ketimbang matched grip karena mengontrol tangan kiri jauh lebih rumit. 

matched gri 

seperti yang kita liat diatas teknik matched ini sedikit berbeda dengan teknik tradional,di mana sticknya diggenggam penuh oleh jari-jari di kedua tangannya.

 teknik matched ini mempunyai 2 cara memegang yang ber beda:


close hand

A. Closed hand/tangan tertutup dimana pukulan sangat mengandalkan lengan dan pergelangan tangan sehingga pukulan menjadi kaku dan tangan cepat lelah, kecepatannya pun sangat terbatas



open hand

B. Open hand/tangan terbuka dimana ibu jari dan telunjuk yang digunakan untuk menjepit stick, sedangkan ketiga jari lainnya seperti jari tengah, jari manis dan kelingking berperan untuk mendorong stick. Ketika stick yang didorong menyentuh drumhead, maka secara otomatis stick akan memantul kembali, gunakan pantulan itu untuk membuat pukulan berikutnya (ketiga jari mendorong stick itu kembali). Lakukan secara berulang-ulang, seperti  

mendribble bola basket saja.

Bass Drum
Cara memainkannya adalah dengan mnginjak pedal dengan kaki kanan. Ingat, posisi duduk badan harus tegak saat nemainkannya dan berada dekat dengan bass drum, sehingga kamu bisa lebih keras saat menginjaknya, padal diinjak ke bawah bukan ke depan.
Ada 2 cara memainkan bass drum, yaitu
1.Heel Down
2.Heel Up

Dengan cara heel down, Kedua posisi kaki tersebut dapat dilakukan sesuai dengan aliran lagu dan sesuai dengan selera pemain drum. Apabila kamu seorang pemain jazz, maka Heel Down merupakan pilihan yang tepat, tetapi jika kamu pemain rock, metal, punk dan lain-lain maka Heel Up diperlukan untuk menciptakan Groove yang lebih solid karena kecepatan dan kekuatan kaki akan bertambah.
Heel Down sangat mengandalkan pergelangan kaki untuk memukul, jadi kamu jangan dengan posisi ini kita tidak akan mendapatkan pukulan yang keras.
Heel Up menggunakan ujung kaki untuk menginjak pedal sehingga semua tenaga dapat dikeluarkan untuk mendapatkan kecepatan yang lebih dan pukulan yang lebih keras, posisi kaki dimundurkan sehingga pada saat menginjak pedal kaki tidak boleh ditahan tapi langsung di lepas kembali maka pedal akan kembali pada posisi semula dan kamu tinggal menginjak lagi untuk memukul bass drum tersebut.

Hihat digunakan sebagai alternatif simbal ride dan dapat dimainkan dengan beberapa cara yang berbeda, yaitu tertutup, terbuka dan setengah terbuka (sloshy), dengan menggunakan stik drum atau ditutup dengan pedal kaki.

Hi-hat Tertutup
Dengan menggunakan kaki kiri untk menginjak pedal sampai hi-hat tertutup rapat, kemudian pukul hi-hat dengan stik yang kamu pegang.

Hi-hat Terbuka
Caranya yaitu dengan mengangkat kaki kirimu dari pedal hi-hat, tepat sebelum kamu memukul simbal dengan stik. Jangan memukul pada saat simbal dalam keadaan benar-benar terbuka, dengan demikian kedua simbal akan saling bersentuhan dan akan menghasilkan suara berdesis ketika terbuka.


Cara Menjadikan (CRACK) Aplikasi Store Windows biar menjadi FULL VERSION,,,,RECIBER


haloooo sobat2 sekalian oh ya ada kabar bagus untuk penguna windows 8 nih, kita bisa Crack Aplikasi yang ada disana (Store Win8) wah biar tambah greget pake windows 8 nya haha tidak dianjurkan yang udah bisa nyari uang sendiri, harus bayar dong masbro … hargai para developers (pmbuat aplikasi tu mksdx)_ hehe .. ..ni cuma sekedar tips bwat para gratis mania alias yg gk puxa uang hahayyy sama sih nasib Qta,,,,

Warning !!
  cara ni cuma buat app yg bsa di “TRY” trus dijadiin full.
Buat apps di Win store yg cma bsa lngsung “BUY” doank, tidak bisa. so, sbar ja kalo da aplikasi yg cuma nyediain “BUY” doang. heheheImage


Usahakan klo mau download aplikasi trial di windows store, jgan pake main LiveID, tapi pake kloningan LiveID. Krna tiap kalian download aplikasi trial, LiveID anda otomatis men-track history downloadnya & itu slah real reason,kenapa kita g bsa download aplikasi trial yg udah expired. sya udh download aplikasi GROOVE smart player and udh Full, tapi dulu krna sya blom tau main live ID mkax trialx expired, tapi cara utk mengatasix,,, buka token ekstraktorx truz cari aplikasi itu, lalu uninstall licences, tapi jgn lupa simpen dulu license tu, sbg backupx, kalo kalian sudah download ulang aplikasi itu. nah dgn ngikutin cara tu kalian udh bisa download ulang aplikasi trial yg udh expired.
saran : Main LiveID cuma buat sign in di aplikasi ato XBox,
kalo kalian mau download aplikasi bwat ngilangin trial aplikasi windows 8 store, alias biar bisa jadi full, ne sya kasih linkx,,,,,

Matiin anti virus dlu (ini bukan virus dan gk berbahaya bwat PC, coz sya udh sering make), Ekstrak dimana aja, trus buka folder /wsservice_crk/release/ –> install “installer.exe” di folder wskrack_64 (buat yg versi Win 8 x64) ato wscrack_32 (Buat yg x32)

# Buka \wsservice_crk

release\wskrack_anycpu & plih TokensExtractor.exe

#5) Cari app yg mw di switch ke full version, select, klik “crack It !”

That’s it!

Easy Right??  hehe


Buat app yg :
(-) Trialnya uda terlanjur EXPIRED
(-) Mau download update an
(-) Muncul 0x8024600e error


Be AWARE, Stelah app di krack, buat sterusnya app ga bisa di update or redownload pke cara biasa via Windows Store Client Downloader.

Solusinya (agak ribet sih)  ..

How to ??


Resep :

#1) Installer Windows 8 sesuai versi windows sampean [Installer trserah mau via DVD, USB, HDD, SSD, dll]

#2) Kamera/kertas/dll. Buat bekal di akhirat.. (BOOT MODE) cara boot mode windows 8 cari di paman google

Caranya ane bagi 3 point step :


Spoilerfor How To?

#1) Boot dari Installer win 8 (cara boot slahkan di googling)

#2) Bgitu masuk interface prtama kali, Pncet Shift+F10 -> muncul CMD -> ketik “regedit” & press Enter

#3) select ke node HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> pilih “File” -> trus plih “Load Hive” -> Browse ke “C:\Windows\system32\config\SYSTEM.file” -> Open

Note!! :

– Direktori C refer to local disk [tempat ente install windows].

– Local disk C di windows ente, blum tntu C di boot mode. Cek skali lagi!! Cz t4 ane Local disk C: di windows, brubah jadi F: di boot mode)

#4) Muncul pop up “Key Name” masukin sembarang teks (misal : abc123).

#5) Nanti di “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\” muncul subkey baru dgn nama “abc123”. Dari subkey itu, cari subkey “WPA\39EEE4D3-6EBB-4C0A-8CBC-421AB72D114E-1”, trus delete.

#6) Kalo udah, jangan lupa select node “abc123”, trus pilih “file” -> “unload hive” -> Restart PC -> Balikin boot ke HDD


Tahap ini udah masuk Windows lagi!!

#1) Sbelum buka windows store, cari & delete (kalo ada)


– C:\Users\[username PC ente]\AppData\Local\Packages\WinStore_cw5 n1h2txyewy\AC\Microsoft\Windows Store\* (Hapus folder cache & data nya aja)

– C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Plugins\7D5F3CBA-03DB-4BE5-B4B36DBED19A6833\117CAB2D-82B1-4B5A-A08C-4D62DBEE7782.cache (Kalo ada)

#2) Jalanin lgi “TokensExtractor.exe” , cari App yg error dan/atau trial uda expired, select app, klik “Fix error 0x8024600e”, trus plih jga “Delete download cache” trus “Uninstall lic”.

#3) Buka start screen, trus uninstall app yg mw di krack.


#1) Buka Win store, trus buka Charms bar, plih “Your Account”, log out account LiveID ente sbelumnya (krna dsitu MS bsa track cache apps yg prnah kita download)

#2) Buat Microsoft Account (LiveID) BARUU!!, pake email baru juga (mungkin agak nyesek, cuma bbrpa menit kok)

#3) cari app yg ente mw update ato mw re download dari windows store, Klik “TRY” -> Buka Tokensextractor.exe -> “crack it!”

Cara download aplikasi Windows Store dengan IDM

Lebih lanjut, aplikasi hasil deploy an dari server M$ ini ane sebut “.appx”


Lama waktu kita buat download .appx dari server M$ ini sngat trbatas. Mungkin ga sampe 1 jam (Ane si rata2 slalu dapet 1jam an), tar tau2 link ini uda ditu2p ama botnya M$. Ciri2nya klo udah ditutup, tiap linknya dibrowse, tar pasti “access denied” ato pas agan download, tau2 macet di tengah jalan. Jadi untuk ngikutin cara ini, siapin aja koneksi yang ngebut  

Langkah intinya ada 3, antara lain :


Spoilerfor Download .appx dari server M$

Ingat..!!Selalu pake clone liveID tiap mau donwload via Windows Store. Main liveID cuma dipake waktu sign in ke aplikasi, ato ke xBox.

Dari sini, mulailah berpacu dengan waktu 

1) Buka windows store, cari aplikasi yg mw di deploy & redist, (misal : angry bird space deh..), klik “TRY” , & tunggu smpe bener2 ke download

2) Bgitu downloadan di windows store jalan, ushain slang bbrapa detik, lngsung buka “C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.Log”, trus scroll baris bawah sendiri & cari text yg formatnya kurang lbih sprti ini :Image

3) Copy link yg agan dapet dari langkah nomer 3 ke IDM ato Browser. Silahkan tunggu proses Download..

Contoh format linknya kurang lbih spti ini :


4) Cek size .appx yg lagi di download, dngan size aplikasi yang ada di Windows Store. Kalo sama or mndekati, selamat deh, brarti ente ga salah download.


5) Kalo donlotan ga macet di tengah jalan, SELAMAT, anda telah melalui tahap paling melelahkan. Anda dapet masternya.. 

Hasil file downloadan biasanya berformat .zip. Ganti aj extensiny dngan .appx.

6) Buat yang mau install .appx yg masi trial tsb, silahken buka Windows Powershell ( kalo kalian tidak tau powershell cari aja d paman google hehe, ketik code brikut :


Add-AppxPackage -Path C:\Users\user1\Desktop\AngryBird.appx –DependencyPath C:\Users\user1\Desktop\Microsoft.VCLibs.x86.11.00.appx

– Untuk direktori “C:\Users\user1\Desktop\AngryBird.appx”, bsa disesuaikan dngan lokasi ente nyimpen .appx nya dimana

– Untuk Dependency “C:\Users\user1\Desktop\Microsoft.VCLibs.x86.11.00.appx”, bisa di ambil dari jamu, di folder “wsservice_crk


– Untuk milih Dependency mana yg hrus dipake, silahkan agan buka .appx yg barusan di download tdi pake winrar -> trus buka file “AppxManifest.xml” -> Ctrl+F “PackageDependency” ato “Identity Name” -> disitu ada nama file Dependency Package yg dipake .appx itu

FAQ : Kalo macet di tengah jalan gmana gan?

ya ente mw g mw hrus regedit MachineID lewat boot mode via windows installer & Buat clone LiveID, ato cari aplikasi yang laen 


Spoilerfor Instalasi License

Buat langkah ini gampang aja

1) Install .appx trialnya. (liat step 1.6)

2) Buka “TokensExtractor.exe” -> “cracked it” app yg mw di redist -> Pilih “View” -> “Covert to OEM” -> “Save OEM”, save file licensenya di satu folder dengan .appx

3) Stelah dapet file licensenya (misal : AngryBird.LIC), taro di satu folder dngan .appx


Spoilerfor Final step to redistributing

Yang ini gampang juga


1) Jadiin satu folder file :

– .appx
– .lic
– dependency (liat step 1.6 bab ini)
– installer.cmd (Ambil di jamu, di folder “\wsservice_crk\ release\ redistribution\sample\TetriBlox”, trus open with notepad | ubah “set LICFILE” dgn nama file license (*.LIC) | “set APPXFILE” dgan nama .appx nya | set “set DEP=-dependency …” dngan nama dependency)
– wsll.exe (Ambil di jamu, di folder “\wsservice_crk\ release\ redistribution\sample\TetriBlox”)
– wskrack 32 & 64 (Ambil di aplikasix, di folder “\wsservice_crk\ release\ redistribution\sample\TetriBlox”)

2) Jangan lupa di test dulu di kompie agan. Bisa pake Virtual Machine, ato bisa di uninistall .appx trialnya, trus reinstall via “install.cmd” agan punya


3) Zip ato Rar & ready to shared..



Silahkan upload dan berbagi dengan teman-teman kaskuser disini yang males buat LiveID kloningan ato reset machineID. 



Koleksi WINDOWS STORE APPS Full VersionQuote:

Yang mau nambahin koleksi silahkan.

jngan lupa kasi keterangan .appx full ato trial yah. Sma arc x64 ato x86


Jangan lupa komen ato GRP to uploader

Spoilerfor List

abcNotes Full x86| 23 MB

Angry Bird Space Full x86 | 40 MB

Art Text Full x64 | 39 MB

Chess Pro Full x86 | 3 MB

Chimpact Full x64 x86 | 55 MB

Fruit Ninja Full x64 | 81 MB

Gravity Guy Full x64 x86 | 40 MB

iStunt Full x64 x86 | 32 MB

iUnarchive Full x86 | 2 MB

Jetpack Joyride .appx x86 | 37 MB

Monster Island Full x64 x86 | 40 MB

Music Info Full x64 x86 | 5,5 MB

Poker HD Full x64 | 7 MB

PowerDVD Full x86 | 11 MB

Riptide GP Full x64 x86 | 47 MB

Shark Dash Full x64 x86 | 80 MB

Tabstagram Full x64 | 0,5 MB

Modern File Full x86 | 1 MB, dan lain2 intix aplikasi yg berbayar tapi yg ada trialx ane puxa hehe koleksi dikit gpp,

Note– Download sesuai architecture kompie agan masing2

(Frequently Asked Question)

(?) Kok Apps windows store dikit..?? >>Here<<

(?) Kalo mau BACKUP save2an game/apps yg udah di krack gimana gan?? Biar pas inul ga main dari awal lagi gtu.. >>Here<<

(?) Stuck Di Downloading, Stuck Di Pending, muncul 0x8024600e error >>Here<<


Pada hakekatnya, registry yang kita delete itu dinamakan MachineID. So, ga perlu takut rusak. Cz stelah kita donloat apps baru dengan LiveID (MS Account) baru, tu registry bkal generate lagi kok. Tpi dgan cache yg baru.

What u need to know is, dari MachineID itulah MS bsa detect & track app apa aja yg prnah ente donload. Jdinya klo agan2 uda install app trial, ya klo trialnya abis, ga bisa donload lagi deh..

Thx to the source, with some revision by me..


Murotal Al-Quran Lengkap Dengan Terjemahan!!

Software yang satu ini merupakan software murotal Al-quran yang lengkap dan dapat digunakan untuk belajar mengaji dan membaca Al-quran. Murotal Al-quran ini lengkap dengan terjemahan dalam berbagai bahasa antara lain Inggris, Indonesia, Arab dll. Pembacaan Al-qurannya pun dapat dipilih dari beberapa pembaca yang tidak asing dan terkenal. Alunan yang merdu dan indah membuat sofwtare murotal ini sangat bagus sob. Penasaran?

Apa itu Murotal Al-Quran?
Murotal Al-Quran adalah cara pembacaan Al-quran dengan alunan yang indah dan fasih serta dengan tajwid yang benar


Fitur-fitur Murotal Al-Quran:
1. Pilihan Qori/pembaca Al-Quran yang banyak
2. Terjemahan dalam beberapa bahasa
3. Ringan
4. Support sistem 32 bit dan 64 bit

kalo mau download klik link di bawah ini !


Software yang satu ini merupakan software murotal Al-quran yang lengkap dan dapat digunakan untuk belajar mengaji dan membaca Al-quran. Murotal Al-quran ini lengkap dengan terjemahan dalam berbagai bahasa antara lain Inggris, Indonesia, Arab dll. Pembacaan Al-qurannya pun dapat dipilih dari beberapa pembaca yang tidak asing dan terkenal. Alunan yang merdu dan indah membuat sofwtare murotal ini sangat bagus sob. Penasaran?

Apa itu Murotal Al-Quran?
Murotal Al-Quran adalah cara pembacaan Al-quran dengan alunan yang indah dan fasih serta dengan tajwid yang benar